Equal Rights in School

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Equal Rights in School

Gender identity has been the cause of discriminations and wrong behavior for a long time since now. So recently a policy have been generated that will allow equal rights to the students of all genders and it will be beneficial to the health and mental education.


Gender identity:

It can be defined as the identification of a human being based on gender. It includes the character related to gender, mannerism and appearance of a person. It may or may not be regarded to the designated sex of the person at birth. Therefore, apart from male and female, a transgender has also been present among us.

So give them their possible rights in the society and provide them with the safety they require especially in schools a policy has been generated by the health education.


Policy of health education:

The purpose of this policy is to support the intersex gender in the educational institutes. Following are the postulates of the policy:

  •         Schools must respect, support and regard the decision of the student regarding the gender he selects to identify him or herself whether that is their gender by birth or not.
  •         Students must be educated about the rights of every gender. They must be taught that they should respect every person regardless of their gender.
  •         Principals must regard protection and classification in connection to gender identification character and intersex status.
  •         The youngsters and a family member or caretaker must be invited to be an active part of the formulation of the management plan of the school.
  •         A letter from a gender identity expert might be asked for by the school to support and help   them in building up the proper plan with all the rights. This letter is not a requirement for the school in giving protection and support to the students; however, it might guarantee that schools are looking forward to managing their plans properly to provide the required rights to all students regardless of their gender.


Benefits of gender identity policy in health education:

The purpose of the gender identity education is to educate the people and especially the student and young community that it is not a crime to be a transgender. It will create empathy among the people and the transgender will be provided with a safer and supportive atmosphere to live in.

This will also help the people to learn that how difficult life being transgender is and such policies will be able to provide them support against harassment in schools. If we can make our educational institutes accept transgender then the whole community can.

It will give students a chance to experience the pain of a transgender when they are asked the same questions they often used to ask from a gay. This will create an atmosphere of respect and regard among the students.

By the application of this policy in the schools, many students will be protected and their future will be safe.

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