New, Creative Ways to Earn Money With No Startup Costs

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New, Creative Ways to Earn Money With No Startup Costs

Most people know about the old ways of earning extra cash from dog walking to house sitting. With the Internet, there are sites like Craigslist where you can find these old favorites. If you’re looking for new, creative ways to earn money, you can turn to the Internet again. This time, you can find unique things you can do that will be interesting as well as giving you the ability to earn some extra pocket change or enough to pay power bills.

A Site Like Fiverr

If you have a talent, you can share it with the world through a platform like Fiverr. Whether you have graphic design skills or a great voice for voice overs, you can create an account on Fiverr and begin selling gigs for $5 U. S. Amateur illustrators, writers and logo creators can find work on the site without having any startup money required. You don’t have to create your own website for it either. Join the site and upload samples of your work to start the ball rolling. You’ll have to pay a fee to Fiverr with each job sold, but there are ways to upsell more products too.

Mystery Shopping

If you spend plenty of time shopping, you can get paid to shop for companies in exchange for written reports on their customer service. If you consistently review companies for free when you have a good or bad experience, mystery shopping might be a good way to earn extra cash. These are often simple tasks where you’ll have to purchase an item, make note of the cleanliness of the store or report on the customer service of the staff. Look out for companies that hire mystery shoppers and require upfront payments from you. The site you choose won’t ask you for payments, or ask you to wire any money to them.

Field Agent App

This app is almost like mystery shopping except you don’t have to buy an item. Instead, you accept a posted job, which can pay between $2.50 and $15. Once the job is accepted, you have to scan the item that was requested, or take photos with your phone’s camera. The jobs that are visible are ones that are available in the user’s current location. The app allows businesses to conduct market research easily. Users of the app should be aware of the time limits to some of the assignments, and taking jobs, holding them and dropping them might be cause to lose the ability to choose jobs on the app.

A Handy App to Have

The site called Handy allows people who are good with their hands the ability to list their services online. If you are great at cleaning, putting up shelves, fixing leaky faucets or painting, you could list your services on a site like Handy and be hired by everyday people who need a little extra help with chores around their home. Handy workers can assemble furniture, move a few boxes or rearrange furniture. All transactions take place through the app, so you don’t have to worry about paying cash for your Handy person.

All of these jobs are ones that aren’t considered traditional side jobs, but they are great for earning some extra money. Set up an account with any of the services to see how they work. You’d be surprised how easy it is to earn enough money to pay bills with little startup effort.

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